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Date: 28 July 2021

Monsoon is a great part of the year. Flowers bloom, trees are loaded with lush green leaves, and everything’s washed and clean. Also, it is that time of the year when we move from the hot waves of the summer season to good weather days. Nearly everyone in the country waits for the advent arrival of this season. But, the flip side of it is that being a season of germination, it catalyzes the proliferation of viruses and bacteria that leads to instability in the health of the people.

Influenza, Cholera, Typhoid, Dengue, Malaria, Viral Fever, and much more can become a reason of worry for you at this time of the year. So, it is indispensable for everyone to remain cautious and follow some monsoon health tips in order to avoid any health-related inconvenience, and remain happy and hearty.

Some of the rainy season precautions are laid down for you –

 Boost your immunity

The first thing you need to do for yourself as well as others as a precaution during monsoon is to let the immunity get boosted and remain so because much of the illnesses caused by the rainy season occur due to the lack of immunity in your body. One of the easiest ways to do it is by increasing your intake of Vitamin C, you can try some homemade remedies like adding garlic to the soup or ginger to the tea for the same.

Avoid unpacked food

The street food or any other kind of food that’s available on the roadside without being packed like fruits and veggies, avoid strictly, as the potholes on the roads are filled with mud and water that act as perfect incubators for various microorganisms. The longer the food items are exposed to air, the more they become home to them. So, eating junk food can cause you to fall sick.

Do not store stagnant water

One of the worst issues of monsoon is the breeding of mosquitoes. They can cause you ‘n’ number of problems, therefore as a tip for staying healthy during monsoon, ensure that there’s no water storage in your home that’s open. None of the drains must remain clogged and no rainwater must be held stagnant.

Disinfect your body after getting wet

Most people love taking a stroll in the rain. It is refreshing and one of the wonders of human life. However, as a health tip for monsoon, remember to bathe with a disinfectant like Dettol or Savlon every time you get wet. It will save you from millions of microorganisms that you have carried back home.

Consume cooked/boiled fruits and veggies

During monsoon, it is imperative that you eat fruits and veggies after washing them thoroughly. Do not forget to cook or boil them else you might fall prey to water-borne illnesses.

Hand hygiene is crucial

Wash or sanitize your hands carefully before you eat something when you are away from home and after you come back home. Practicing good hand hygiene kills almost all microbes that may exist on your skin.

Enter an air-conditioned room only when you are dry

Dry yourself thoroughly before getting into an air-conditioned room, as the coolness it creates can cause you a common cold if either your body or clothes are wet.

Protect yourself against allergens

Allergies can become severe during this season. So, if you know that you react badly to dust, vapors, or pollution, wear a mask when you go outdoors.

With these super easy monsoon health tips, you can enjoy the spirit of this season without falling sick.

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