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Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

This is the branch of medicine that caters to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases & conditions. The physicians are well-equipped with the skills and expertise to manage patients who are suffering from minor acute or chronic conditions.
The Internal Medicine Department is usually the 1 st point of care for a patient who is suffering from minor symptoms & requires a generic or overall doctor consultation. Once they meet with the specialist, their exact condition is diagnosed and managed within the purview of the physician, or referred to a specialist; depending on the type & nature of the condition.
This is the most common department of choice for Senior Citizens or the elderly as well, who are more health-oriented and conscious due to their age. They require regular advice from a specialist, who can guide them through their daily lives, while maintaining the optimum health parameters. This is where Geriatrics comes into the picture; with dedicated care provided to the elderly sections of society to prevent, diagnose and treat various diseases.

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